Audit Support:
Sales tax audits can be complicated, time consuming, and ultimately expensive. Baker, Shore has represented hundreds of businesses under audit, lightening their burden and lowering their final assessments.


We can assist you with your audit from any point in the process, from audit inception to mid-audit or even after the assessment has been paid. We meet with the tax department on your behalf to remove erroneously assessed exempt items, identify overpayments of tax (often "overlooked" by auditors), insure the auditor uses sound auditing techniques and negotiate the disposition of ambiguous issues.

Utility Studies:
Some businesses qualify for partial or complete sales tax exemptions based on the specific way they use electricity, gas, steam, etc...and even telephone services. In order to take advantage of these exemptions, specific studies must be conducted to derive the correct percentage of taxable and exempt use. Our experienced staff is uniquely qualified with both the sales tax knowledge and the technical expertise needed to analyze utility consumption and prepare the reports required by the tax department.

Other Services