In the often confusing world of sales and use tax in New York State, knowledge is essential. Unknown tax liabilities can cost your company thousands of dollars in interest and penalties. Overpayment of tax is simply wasted money - lost dollars due to lack of sufficient tax knowledge or procedures. Our customized sales and use tax seminar will provide you with the knowledge necessary to be more tax compliant, saving your company money. 

How do we customize a seminar for you?

Through 20 years of experience we have come up with topics that have been most helpful to companies that we have serviced. Additionally, if you have other topics you would like covered, you can add them as well. Once we know your interest we can go through our list of topics and add any other topics you might want. Also we will learn about your business, your internal procedures for sales tax accounting, and the people involved. We will then prepare the perfect seminar for you. You can even have the presenter arrive early the day of your training to review your systems and tour your facility which will allow for a more effective seminar. 

Advantages of Baker, Shore & DiLorenzo Sales and Use Tax Seminar:

  • Customized to your needs - 100% useful information for your business.
  • Held at your location so that you don't have loss of employee productivity.
  • We've been in business since 1990 and have over 20 years of New York State sales tax experience that we are ready to share with you.
  • Allows all crucial staff to attend - first hand learning in a confidential but comfortable group environment.
  • Advice on how to identify and recover tax overpayments typically found in your industry - otherwise wasted dollars.
  • Improved compliance – paying the correct amount of tax due at the correct time will eliminate interest and penalties if audited by New York State.
  • Competitive advantage – learn when to inform your customers of exemptions that they or your competitors may not be aware of.

Customized Seminars